Breaking Open: New Paintings by Michelle E. Fillmore

9 February - 6 March 2022

The paintings of Michelle E. Fillmore convey a beautifully straightforward  and understated glimpse at what it means to be human, with all of its hardships, insecurities and, most resoundingly, hopes. In technicolor realism, she subtly presents themes like mental illness, fear and uncertainty in such a way that what the viewer is left with is not only greater understanding and empathy but a renewed sense of optimism and resiliency.

This February, SHOH Gallery is excited to present vibrant and intriguing new works by Oakland artist, Michelle E. Fillmore. 

Michelle’s paintings are autobiographical metaphors.  Her work aims to open up a discussion about mental health and point out its inherent stigmas and challenges.  She favors a tightly controlled photorealistic style at odds with the chaotic subject matter; as such, her work embodies beauty in imperfection, suggesting that adversities can ultimately be opportunities to grow.  Each painting is a celebration of a persons ability to liberate themself from their own prison.