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Staying Power – Women Artists Forging Through the Decades

A life in art takes a determination of will: the will to keep developing, the will to keep changing, the will to persist in the face of obstacles.

For the women represented in this exhibition, this determination has seen them through decades of social and political change, through aesthetic and critical change, and through the very physiological changes wrought by the decades of labor.

Staying Power is a rare opportunity to view early and late work of a group of artists. When we look at work executed in the 1980s alongside work of the artists’  current practice, we are able to view not only these changes and developments in the objects; we are given a roadmap of nearly a half century of cultural history. It becomes possible to see shifts in interest, in focus, in point of view. It allows a broader perspective on abstraction, materiality, conceptual formulations, and political and social engagement.

These eight women have navigated studio life and art making, exhibition demands and  logistics, academia and mentorship, personal relationships and even family life. And further, whether also enduring critical or institutional neglect, these artists have mustered the strength to endure and bring forward art of intense power, resounding beauty, and uniquely gripping engagement.

We are delighted to present roots of these diverse ideas alongside the full bloom, to have a full thematic arc spread over the many decades, and to savor the fruition of these lives in art.

--  Jan Wurm   2023

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