Dennis Hare American, b. 1946

Dennis Hare (born 1946) is a Californian artist, known mainly for his figurative work, and a former beach volleyball player and athlete. Hare's career spans 35 years. Today he is both a figurative and abstract assemblage artist with over 55 solo shows. He is also a member of the Beach Volley Ball Hall of Fame. Hare wrote the first book on the subject of beach volleyball, The Art of Beach Volleyball.

Hare's art work is on display at his home studio. His pieces have appeared in private galleries such as the Westbrook Galleries, Art Cube, the Crocker Art Museum, and the Donna Seager Gallery in Laguna Beach, San Rafael and Carmel. He is represented by galleries in New York, San Francisco and Laguna Beach as well as in other parts of the United States. His work was featured at the Charles Campbell Gallery (later the Campbell Thiebaud Galley), San Francisco, for over a decade.

In 1993 the Salander O'Reilly Gallery featured Hare in the show: Four West Coast Painters: Nathan Oliveira, David Park, Dennis Hare and Larry Cohen. In 1995 Hare was included in the Campbell -Thiebaud Gallery show, The Figure: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture, Balthus, Elmer Bischoff, Joan Brown, de Kooning, De Staebler, Diebenkorn, Chuck Eckart, Dennis Hare and Manuel Neri.