The Art Lover's Guide to Collecting Fine Art in California

American Art Collector, 1 February 2020


Located in Berkeley’s Gilman District, SHOH Gallery celebrates the contemporary fine art of the San Francisco Bay Area. The gallery thinks of itself as an advocate for both the artists who show in its space and those who love, support and collect fine art. The gallery’s job is to assist the right collectors in finding the right works and help to start new relationships between artists and art lovers.

While the works featured vary in subject, style and medium, two common threads connect them. All of the artists work in the Bay Area and, most importantly, each one brings an extraordinary level of quality to their work with their own clear voice. The artists range from the firmly established, such as Sandy Walker, Jeremy Mann and Wanda Westberg, to notable fresh talents like Kirsten Tradowsky, Ximena Rendón and Michelle Fillmore. With 12 shows planned for 2020 as well as a number of group events, SHOH has an exciting season ahead. Its lineup begins in March with Jan Wurm’s vibrant and expressive paintings and prints gracing its main gallery space and closes in May with the spectacular realism of Heidi McDowell’s large-scale landscapes.