To stand in front of one of San Francisco artist, Kirsten Tradowsky’s paintings, is to lose yourself in time. With her signature bold brushstrokes and nostalgic color pallet, the viewer is swept up in an immediate and primal emotional recognition; a mix of collective memory and personal reference. Add to that her choice of everyday subject matter and her works become a form of aesthetic comfort food.
For Kirsten, painting is a means of excavation. Her inspiration comes from our collective past, often starting with a found image, whether discarded at an estate sale or buried online. From the forgotten family snapshot to a stack of dishes, she reanimates the images and objects through the act of painting. In the process, line, light, and detail are dramatized or diminished, uncovering new meanings that encourage a dialogue across time; between past and present, self and other, dream and reality.


(510) 504-9988

700 Gilman St, Berkeley, CA 94710, USA

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