Seek, Memory: Paintings by Amrita Singhal: Artist's Reception

700 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA 94710 2 October 2021
700 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA 94710
We invite you to visit SHOH Gallery for a multimedia experience featuring the paintings and prints of Bay Area artist, Amrita Singhal! Saturday, October 2nd, from 5-8pm join us to meet the artist while enjoying the works of this vibrant and authentic artist.
"Seek, Memory" runs from September 30 - October 23, 2021
The work of Amrita Singhal is an exquisite  mélange, both sweet and savory. Visually, she liberally draws from her own rich personal history and her voracious study of the masters,both Indian and European. Culling her subject matter from numerous sources, not only her own life, but also a range of classical texts, tales and art as well as current events and issues, Amrita Singal churns each influence and inspiration slowly, layer by colorful layer, sometimes reworking a piece for years, until she feels what the work has to say is complete.


The title of this show is taken, of course, from Vladimir Nabakov's masterpiece, Speak, Memory. Seek, Memory too is about loss and exile on several fronts. I can't shake the sense that the environmental degradation of our planet is forcing us all into a permanent form of exile. I find myself immensely occupied, in my studio work and in everyday life, with the wonder of the natural world and its passing- the oceans, forests, animals known and unknown- and with a dawning sense that we are marching into an ever deeper exile from what has been our life on this incredible planet.  My experience and memories of that life are the driving force behind this show.


My exile is also personal.  I was born in that brief flicker of pre-modern India when the old was dying and the new had not yet arrived. India then was already 'India', carved by the British and Partition, but in lived life it was closer to an ancient world than the future. By luck (mine), my family was entrenched in the old and equipped for the new - a multi-generational household simultaneously filled with customs and rituals, open-mindedness and tolerance. Seek, Memory attempts to capture a family's moment in time when old India, along with its relatively recent Mughal and British architecture and remaining vestiges of nature's abundance, faded in plain sight."

~ Amrita Singhal